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    Mike was highly professional, knowledgeable, friendly, neat, prompt, and reliable.

    “We contacted Smith Plumbing to assist us with a design problem with our home plumbing. Our house was built with?a single?turn off valve for the water main, and the water for our irrigation system flowed through our water softener. We wanted to be able to turn off the water to our home while traveling while allowing the water to stay on for our pool and landscaping. We previously had another plumbing company come to evaluate the problem, and they added a shut-off valve?that did not solve the problem. Smith Plumbing (Mike) arrived and was able to give us a definitive recommendation to address the issue. It was clear that he understood the problem immediately. We asked if he could do the work quickly since we were going out of town, and he scheduled us within a few days. Mike arrived promptly as scheduled to install a new water supply pipe directly from the water main to our pool and landscape water lines. He installed a new pressure regulator, pressure vacuum breaker, and a hose bib in a new location behind our house. He had previously arranged to have some laborers dig the long trench to bury the pipe underground, but they did not show up. So not only did Mike do the plumbing work, but he and his associate also dug the trench themselves in order to get the job done that day. Mike was highly professional, knowledgeable, friendly, neat, prompt, and reliable. I cannot think of a single negative. We were delighted that Smith Plumbing was able to squeeze our full day job into their schedule so quickly, and their bid was very reasonable. We are happy that we can now shut off our indoor water without affecting the landscape water. We highly recommend Smith Plumbing, and especially Mike. We will definitely use them for all our plumbing work in the future!”

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    Honesty, courteous and attentive.

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